PrivacyWeek 2021

Virtual Peephole – Presentation of the Project
10-27, 12:00–12:45 (Europe/Vienna), Stream
Language: English

Explore unsecured camera feeds around the world with Virtual Peephole

There are an estimated 770 million surveillance cameras around the world. Some of them still have their default password, making them easily accessible by anyone who has an internet connection.
This virtual peephole is a device to watch some of those unsecured cameras. Each time the peephole is opened, a different camera is shown.

This installation is (in real life) a wooden box with a door hole, through which you can view unsecured camera feeds.

In this talk, we will develop how this project was made (hardware, software), and the issues and ethical questions it raises.

The video of the project is here:
The project page is here:
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The project page:

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Caroline Buttet is a digital artist based in Switzerland. Her work is based on creating tangible, interactive pieces, often with object repurposing. Recently, Caroline has been working around the topic of data privacy and surveillance.

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