PrivacyWeek 2021

Charles Wright

Dr. Wright is the founder of Kombucha Digital Privacy Systems LLC, where he focuses on building tools to help people keep their family's data safe online. In his "other life" he is an associate professor of Computer Science at a large public university in Portland, Oregon. Prior to that, he was a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Dr. Wright's publications include research on the privacy of conversations in encrypted voice-over-IP; on the security of encrypted databases; and on providing privacy for photos on cloud services like Google Photos.


Building an end-to-end encrypted social network
Charles Wright

Circles is a new E2E encrypted social networking app that I built to share baby photos with my close friends and family. I will talk about why I wanted a new kind of sharing app, and how Circles builds on Matrix to provide a private and convenient way to keep in touch.