PrivacyWeek 2021

Christian Buggedei

Human-Geek Relations. I don’t just do IT – I mediate between the very technical-minded and, well, everyone else.

My work experience spans nearly 20 years, as SysAdmin, Consultant and Department Head with a seat at the Management Board. I know how IT works, from the technical as well as the organisational point of view. I understand and support the more-than-legitimate wants and needs of end users, even though more salty SysAdmins call them “lusers” behind their back.

I ensure our innovative, sustainable products at polypoly are brought to life. We have little of what our data is worth, nor any intuitive understanding of what long term affect corporate surveillance has on us. The polypoly team wants to change that, and I'm excited to be a part of this!

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Unsere Daten. Unsere Entscheidung. Unser Gewinn!
Christian Buggedei, Thorsten Dittmar

Europa kontrolliert nur noch ca. 3% des weltweiten Datenkapitals. Die Lösung: Eine neue Datenökonomie aus Europa – mit dezentraler Datenverwaltung und edge computing Prozessen - zum Nutzen von Bürger:innen, Wirtschaft und Staat.